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Current Events

Items are listed in reverse chronological order

Geekfest Presentation - CPCC 2010

League of Innovation - STEMTech - Orlando FL 2010

Spring 2010

Barcamp Charlotte III Presentation

Pecha Kucha Charlotte V

Mint Museum Presentation - Artists Forum

Fall 2009

We are beginning work on building the actual box in earnest- we've cut and installed the north-east facing windows and doors, set the pole for the solar panels, repainted the exterior around the welding, and put on a roof. Stay tuned.

Levine Museum Presenation
Geekfest presentation

Summer 2009

Having gotten permission to put the container on campus, we placed the box in May 2009, and over the summer painted it, experimented with tarp covering/shading/rainwater diversion, and got in trouble for not moving fast enough.

Spring 2009

We keep on researching- way too much information, people, and things in the air. It's looking more and more like we will go for the real thing, rather than a nice architectural model. The idea is to get the box "placed and presentable" for about $5k.

Fall 2008

We began research in earnest over the summer of 2008 with the support of the CPCC Futures Institute and Center for Sustainability. The College awarded D.I. von Briesen and Terence Fagan their Fellowships in August 2008 - to last until May 2009.

The fall semester is primarily devoted to building up partnerships, researching, and getting our proverbial ducks in a row. In the spring we plan to begin with our modeling, and perhaps even our prototype AlphaBox with a real container.

By the conclusion of our fellowships, we should have a completed to-scale architectural model, diagrams, specifications, blueprints, vendor lists, and any other resources needed to actually construct the EcoBox. In addition, Terence will have authored and published several documents on LCA of the project.


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