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How We Work

D.I. and Terence are both full-time faculty at Central Piedmont Community College. They were awarded a Faculty Fellowship for the academic year 2008-2009. Terence Fagan's is a Learning Fellows fellowship, and D.I.'s is an Applied Research fellowship. They will each be given half of their normal teaching load to devote to this project.

With the wonderful support of our respective program chairs, directors, associate dean and dean, as well as the CPCC Futures Institute and Center for Sustainability we are excited for this to be a watershed project for our school and departments.

By fostering community relationships, researching, networking, and brainstorming, they intend to bring this project to fruition. Everybody's invited, and we welcome suggestions, opinions, partnerships and anything else you may have to offer.

Our initial work (primarily late 2008) will involve extensive research into what's out there and what's possible, and compiling lists of people, resources, and ideas for use in the EcoBox. In early 2009 we'll begin in earnest to build a professional scale model (probably 1:10) for display and grant opportunities. If we are fortunate, we also hope to prototype the project with a real container, and will dub this the AlphaBox, with the subsequent BetaBox being a more refined version, built on the foundation of knowledge built up in the course of developing these fellowships.


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