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Moseley Arch. Brainstorming


Shannon, Terence, D.I.,

  • Raymond - construction administrator
    look at it more as a loft instead of rooms- what spaces need enclosure? Bathroom yes, kitchen, no. Bedroom? Maybe. Temp. screens? Can we gen. our own power? Bike?
  • Kristin- arch. intern
  • Caroline Kiblar - Project Manager - building should be sustainable. Good if we could help with homelessness in Charlotte. Guy in Miami took it upon itself to break into houses and put homeless in them.
  • Bill Fripp - "doesn't believe in wasting"
  • Jimmy Wilhide - Senior Associate, head of K-12 studio
    homeless would be many, individual is one.
  • John Kaminski - Lot of renderings 3DSMax moving to revit
  • John Williamson - Justice studio...
  • Bob Bittel - K12  - AIA - shelter debate going on..

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