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Pecha Kucha Notes

  1. Lama Foundation Starting primitive - I spent my childhood there - no electricity, kerosene lanterns, wood stoves, snow at 10k feet
  2. Dar al Islam - monolithic adobe domes designed by Egyptian Hassan Fathy of mud bricks- great for deserts where labor is cheap - my parents founded this community
  3. Childhood Dream of my very own Living Pod - everything in one small place that i would need to live on my own
  4. Semi Permanent architecture - it's solid, yet impermanent- examples include Denver or jeddah airports and Munich stadium (Frei Otto)
  5. Meals for a familiy - what DO we need- US vs. Ghana - nature of food, packaging, quantity, preparation - liquids
  6. Slums/ghettos/"Shadow Cities" - by Peter Neuwirth - huge growth, people living in abject poverty, but it is opportunity to them, and a future
  7. Awareness of Shipping Containers (roofless) - containers, super strong, stackable 9 high, 63,000 lbs each, over the ocean many times over...
  8. CPCC Faculty Fellows  - gave me half my time to research the idea of a self-contained space
  9. Led to mission statement- as presented before
  10. Light station at whitewater center- exemplifies- simple, automatic, all needs contained, functional, efficient...
  11. Need to look at inputs, and outputs - everything has both- your body, your house, your car, your meal....
  12. Holistic Ideas-closed loop - brainstorming over what a living space needs
  13. Systems in Theory - visio layout - more specific to the ecobox
  14. Privacy (tiger woods yacht) - where do you need it? bathroom, cleaning, sleeping
  15. Put the box on campus in may 2009 - "placed and presentable"  - painted "divine white"
  16. This is the "contemporary side" see the welds and cuts and materials- restore windows for cheap
  17. Solar panels- 1.3 KW solar array on a pole- making do with lousy shade situation near box.
  18. Multiple things going on- recycled doors in ceiling, insulated floor with cheap daycare floor padding, steel stud walls "floating" without touching steel walls, hamock donated by ENO in asheville, energy efficient windows.
  19. Here you see it in near-current form- the solar array, the windows, the roof and rainwater prototypes - and now we move it.
  20. This is a UN photo of Haiti after the earthquake. Steel boxes will not colapse on themselves and crush you to deatch. They need only support on the 4 corners. They are above the water and waste. The rain is coming in Haiti

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