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Past Projects

As of 2010, past project include:
  • Prototyping a gutter system that uses surface tension to shed debris while catching water from the roof.
  • Attaching a regular vinyl gutter system to capture all rainwater, with adjustable leveling to attach to the steel roof edges.
  • A downspout system that passes thru sand filters.
  • A multi-level planter system for water purification.
  • A solar thermal heat box and blower
  • Reworking the ecobox website from CMSimple to Wordpress
  • Capturing rainwater and running it thru a planter to test for purification
  • A solar evaporator for water distillation
  • Welding various ecobox components
  • Construction of various EcoBox components
  • Painting the EcoBox
  • Developing a heliostat to project sunlight down into shaded portions of the EcoBox. 
  • Wiring the Epanel with the inverters and batteries for the power system

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