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Our Team

We are faculty, instructors, students, staff and friends of CPCC with a passion for sustainable practices, technology, and education. As the project grows, we've begun to complement the internal CPCC team with other who share our vision and enthusiasm for this work.

The core of our team is D.I. von Briesen and Dr. Terence Fagan who were jointly awarded parallel Fellowships for the academic year 2008-2009. 

A team visit to 321 Equipment in Gastonia, NC.

The Fellows program is described on its website at CPCC as follows:

The College Fellows Program at CPCC is aimed at finding new ways to enhance learning by providing carefully selected full-time faculty and professional staff with opportunities to pursue both pure and applied research with a clear benefit to the college. There are now three College Fellows tracks: the Learning Fellows track, Applied Research track, and Community Fellows track. As our institution evolves into a learning college, faculty and professional staff now have these opportunities to expand upon traditional approaches to learning. The College Fellows Program will match intellectual innovation with academic need. Applications will be evaluated on a project's perceived benefit to students and faculty, on the project's originality and on its intellectual merit.

You can read more about the Fellows Program at CPCC here. CPCC gave Terence a Learning Fellows award for his planned Lifecycle Analysis of the EcoBox, and and gave an Applied Research Fellows award to D.I. to design and model the EcoBox. You can also view related videos of Terence and D.I.

In addition we are joined by a capable team of volunteers, interns, part-timers, advisers, and field professionals.



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