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We are currently working with a number of professionals, from LEEDS folks, to UNCC professors, to self-taught environmental developers. Their support and advice is invaluable, and we'll be adding them here with their permission as this project progresses. 

  • Jerome Chambliss- provided a wealth of knowledge about rules and regulations and building with containers.
  • John McPherson
    John is a Welding Instructor and work the Welding labs at CPCC's Harper Campus. He also owns a couple containers and has them rigged up with some solar and power management tools, and is an invaluable resource for doing metal work.
  • Judy - on bringing all the parts together
  • Lucy - on building livable communities
  • Amanda - on mountaintops and stripmines
  • Bert Green of Habitat for Humanity Charlotte
  • Jen and Bryan Shields, UNCC Architecture Instructors, and owners of
  • Hans von Briesen of St. Johns College, Santa Fe (ret.) on thermodynamics, heat, experimentation and notebooks
  • Cailen von Briesen of Greer and Associates, Charlottesville, VA on building
  • Varis Bokalders - Author and Professor of Ecobuilding in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Justin Rowell of GreenModeing, Charlotte, NC

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