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Much of this project comes down to materials and expertise. We are pleased to to be meeting great folks along the way who are helping us with everything from advice to samples to tours. We'll be adding them here as this project progresses. Note that this is not an endorsement of the project by these vendors, or an endorsement of these vendors by CPCC - though we wouldn't list 'em here if we didn't think they were cool in some way!

  • Waleed Zoabi, Senior Electrical Engineer at our neighbors Clark Nexsen, has been instrumental in getting our systems wired,  functional and safe. As a  licensed engineer and electrician, he's brought a number of views to the project, and given us many hours of service.
  • Gary Thompson and Dennis Carignan at Verve Living Systems have been very helpful in getting us started on installing a verve controller into the EcoBox. This system is unique and exciting as it allows you to control any verve wired outlet/fixture from any switch- and the switches are wireless, and battery-free/powerless. That means you can stick them to any surface or put them on the table, and use them to control the paired fixture. Very cool. 
  • Rick at Piggyback is helping us get setup to put the EcoBox onto an intermodal trailer, not only with lots of trailer advice and assistance, but by coordinating the moving by crane and from campus to the Restore and back. Also a source for used containers if you're interested!
  • Sencera-  a Charlotte-based thin-film PV manufacturer has been kind enough, with the help of their CEO Britt Weaver, to help us with some exhibits by lending us a number of panels. We're excited to be working with a local distributor (less carbon footprint, less shipping, packaging, and supporting the local and American economy) - and look forward to a long fruitful relationship.
  • David Bryant stepped up as a volunteer and came with his team to setup our dual inverters, MPPT controller, and the E-panel and subpanel. David's been building up his company's experience with photovoltaics and can respond quickly to your electrical needs.
  • Wade Wilson of jwWilson, Co. Inc. has been fantastic - bringing a team to help us weld windows and doors, and to erect the steel pole we need to support our solar PV system.  He's also proven to be a great resource for steel and related work - and he's doing it as a donation to the project!
  • Rodgers Builders, with the assistance of their VP of construction operations David Craft, arranged for the donation of the use of the crane that put the ecobox into place and serves as an ongoing advisor. With their ongoing construction activities on and for our college they are a logical choice as partners.
  • Bryan at 321 Equipment has been very helpful with advice and information about containers, and generously allowed us to visit the facility for a tour and interviews and to gather imagery. You can see a few pictures of our visit here.
  • Derek Eversdyke at Clarion Safety - They have some really cool photoluminescent material - zero electricity! Derek was kind enough to give us a roll of their special tape to experiment with, and see if this technology is right for the ecobox.
  • Larry Qualls at MeadMaps - we are using their MeadMap program to brainstorm collaboratively, and you can see it in action on this site here. Larry has donated 6 months of the software subscription to key team members, as well as for the piloting of this technology in online classes.
  • Munir Brelvi has been gracious in allowing us to visit his site and observe as he uses cargo containers to create storage space - and to document their movement in photos here.
  • John Meeks of Apple Blossom Insulators met with us to explain why blown cellulose is a great product, and allowed us to make a video of it.  He's also graciously offered to help us test insulation in a cargo box, and offered to place it behind his warehouse should we need to. You can see the kind of work they do on evaluating and re-insulating houses here.
  • Earthhaven - We toured this ecovillage in North Carolina - see pictures here.
  • Justin Rowell conduct energy audits in Charlotte and surrounding regions for GreenModeling. He brings his knowledge as an energy auditor and efficiency in renovations expert to the table. In addition, he's lived and worked in Africa and that experience should prove valuable for our efforts.
  • John Taylor brings his many years of experience as an architect to advising us and to building a 3D physical model of this project for our May 2008 deliverables. 
  • Mike Long of Rainwater Harvesting Specialists, LLC met us at Charlotte Clean and Green and donated a 100 gal RainPro barrel for the EcoBox. This will serve as the initial capture point for rainwater before we distill/filter it and move it to the top tank. 
  • Eagle's Nest Outfitters in lovely Asheville has donated a doublenest hammock and slapstraps, and given us a deal on some of their fantastic products.
  • The Home Depot at Wendover in Charlotte was kind enough - thru managers John and Tom to give us 10% off a $2k order, and the window guys Tony and Bruce were helpful in getting all our doors and windows specked out.
  • Northern Tool on Independence Ave. near our Levine Campus gave us a discount of a welder so we didn't have to jump thru all kinds of hoops to purchase it.

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