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Conceptual Rendering of an EcoBox placed to the East of the Kratt Building, and to the North of the Advanced Technologies (AT) building.

See various renderings here
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These two projects are supported by various departments and programs within Central Piedmont Community College, especially the CPCC Fellows Program, the Futures Institute, and the Center for Sustainability.

The Center for Sustainability was started at CPCC to bring education and awareness about the environment and sustainability to our community.  As a  a League of Innovation member we also recognize that sustainability has become a key issue for the League of Innovation, and we must work to progress in this area.

The first major proposal from the Center encompasses two tightly linked projects:

The Applied Research Fellows "EcoBox" prototype
The Learning Fellows Life-cycle Assessment of the EcoBox
The focus of these projects is student involvement, the participation of other academic faculty and programs, and local and regional businesses. The projects rely on each other and should run in parallel - driven by CPCC's mission.

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