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Why Do This?

We are educators, and visionaries, and scientists, and children at heart. We are parents and siblings and care deeply about the world that our families are growing up in, and that our descendants will inherit.

Our students must understand designed systems fit together, and explore areas as different as thermodynamics and organic gardening, and as critical as waste management and carbon monoxide detection.

We are creating this EcoBox as a platform for multiple purposes. It will be:

  • A hands-on learning lab for students
  • The base for portions of an Associates Degree Curriculum in Sustainability/Appropriate Design
  • A showcase for the school and Center for Sustainability
  • A platform for employee education and experimentation
  • A launchpad for grant funding and partnership projects
  • A possible entrepreneurial venture for production
  • The basis for a country-wide competition amongst community colleges
  • A platform for possible systems to help house the homeless and refugees from natural disasters


Containers Final Set
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Welcome to the EcoBox/EcoTainer Project
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